New Titles in Bioethics

New Titles in Bioethics displays listings of the most recent book acquisitions of the Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown. The bibliographies can be viewed by month, and are compiled into quarterly and annual reports. Monthly quarterly with an annual cumulation, update of new books related to biomedical, philosophical, religious and applied ethics. Readers are encouraged to view new books in our library catalog while we examine new methods to curate a list of new titles in bioethics. The Bioethics Research Library has acquired several new books in 2014116 books published in 2013259 books published in 2012 and 306 published in 2011 and we welcome you to browse these lists.

Annual New Titles Archive

Exploring New Titles in Bioethics

NewTitlesGlobe2Where do you go when you first walk into a library? If you are like me you go straight for the new book shelf. I have always been excited to see what new adventure, scholarly work, or re-released old favorite might be waiting to be discovered. read more…

The Bioethics Research Library invites publishers to recommend New Titles in Bioethics for review. Please submit the Recommend a Bioethics Book form to include the new title on our acquisitions list. You may also send review copies to add to our collection at our mailing address:

Bioethics Research Library
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University
Box 571212
Washington, DC 20057-1212

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The Bioethics Research Library at Georgetown University is a destination library for bioethics scholars worldwide and a remarkable historical study space for the Georgetown community.

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