Bioethics Syllabus Exchange Repository

Since 1985, the Bioethics Syllabus Exchange Repository at the Bioethics Research Library of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics has functioned as a clearinghouse for bioethics syllabi to promote the study of bioethics as a discipline. The collection consists of over 600 syllabi in 3 languages from 12 countries. While the standard syllabus documents a semester-length class, seminars and continuing education courses are included as well. The collection contains syllabi of courses from high school through graduate education.

The Library continues to add bioethics syllabi to the repository on a rolling basis. Have a syllabus to submit? We accept syllabi from current or former course offerings using the form at the bottom of this page. Library staff will confirm that we have appropriate permissions to add your syllabus to our collection and share it with the public.

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Please read through this form before you begin to fill it out. You need to upload a completed Digital Georgetown License Agreement with your submission.

  • Please enter the title of the course the syllabus was created for, i.e. Introduction to Bioethics
  • Please list the creator(s) of the syllabus. Please include first and last name. You may separate multiple creators by the use of commas, i.e Dr. Robert Veatch, Dr. LeRoy Walters.
  • Please enter the institution where the syllabus was used, i.e. Georgetown University
  • Please enter the semester the syllabus was last used, i.e., Fall 2017. Note that if a syllabus has been used for multiple semesters that only the most recent semester it was taught will be listed in our repository.
  • Please tell us a bit more about your course. This may be taken from the abstract of the syllabus itself, or be created to accompany the syllabus. You may also use this field to indicate specific subjects the course focuses on, i.e. genetics, end-of-life, care, clinical ethics.
  • What language is the syllabus written in?
  • Please enter an email account where we can contact you if there are any questions about the syllabus.
  • Please use this field to indicate any information relevant to the submission.
  • You may upload your syllabus in text or PDF format. (Text files will be converted to PDF for upload to the repository.)
  • Please upload a completed and signed copy of the Digital Georgetown License Agreement. We need this for documentation of our right to share the syllabus online.