Bioethics Research Library Databases

This page lists the databases created by the Bioethics Research Library. For other bioethics-related databases please click here. These databases include the use of the Bioethics Thesaurus Keywords to index the content by subject. The EthxWeb entries receive one or more of the following classifications as a tag to indicate the content. Find the classification names for a topic in this list of over 1,600 bioethical issues. The EthxWeb database displays English classification names and no longer displays numerical classifications.


Citations to literature on bioethics and professional ethics covering 1974-2009. EthxWeb contains more than 300,000 records for books, book chapters, journal articles, audiovisual materials, laws, court decisions, news articles, and reports written in over 15 languages dating primarily from 1970 to the present. Searches can be limited to full-text materials by selecting the “Full-text available online” limit, located below the search box on each screen.

Islamic Medical and Scientific Ethics

Citations to literature on Islamic medical and scientific ethics covering attitudes and practices on ethical issues within the Muslim world.

GenEthx: Genetics and Ethics

Contains citations for resources that cover ethical issues related to human genetics including research, biobanks, etc.

Bioethics Syllabus Exchange

Descriptions of bioethics syllabi for semester-length classes, seminars and continuing education courses from high school through graduate education. The Syllabus Exchange Database contains over 650 records for syllabi on bioethical issues dating from 1984 to the present in 3 languages from 12 countries. Each record links to the full-text of the syllabus. While the standard syllabus documents a semester-length class, seminars and continuing education courses are included as well. The collection contains courses from high school through graduate education.

Thesaurus for Bioethics

Keywords used to index the bioethics literature.

DNA Patents Database

A collection of DNA-based patent applications and patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.