The Ebola Outbreak: A Global Conversation and Resources

The Ebola Outbreak: A Global Conversation and Resources

Georgetown University’s Scholarly Contributions

The Bioethics Research Library, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, and Georgetown University Law Library have compiled this university-wide resource on the current Ebola Outbreak in West Africa to highlight the expertise within Georgetown University in a central hub available to assist others working to contain, treat, and prevent Ebola Virus Disease. Resources are available through blog posts, scholarly publications, and events.  Additional resources will be added as they become available online.

For any questions about this resource, please contact Mark Hakkarinen, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, or Susan Kim, O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law.

Georgetown Resources:

Bioethics Blog Posts:

View an aggregated collection of Bioethics Blog Posts on Ebola, collected and maintained by the Bioethics Research Library.

Center for Disease Control Ebola Information:

CDC Ebola Virus Disease: Information for U.S. Healthcare Workers Microsite

Educational Resources

Privacy in Ethics and Ebola: Public Health Planning and Response – US Bioethics Commission. Download the educational module here.

Useful Links:

Georgetown Publications:

Publications in External Fora:

  • October 7 – Gostin, Lawrence O. and Eric A. Friedman “Ebola: a crisis in global health leadership.The Lancet (2014).

2016 Georgetown Events:

March 25 – Ebola and Beyond: Global Epidemics in our One Health World 2015, Georgetown University, Washington DC

January 27 – Responding to Ebola: A Critical Window on Global Development Post-2015 –  Jim Yong Kim, Georgetown University, Washington DC

December 5 – Ebola: Responding to the Domestic and Global Challenges –  Ron Klain, Anthony S. Fauci, John J. DeGioia, Georgetown University, Washington DC

October 24 – Friday Talk: Ethical Issues in the Ebola Pandemic – Bioethics Research Library, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown University, Washington DC

October 24 – Ebola Update from Experts on the Hilltop – Presented by Dr. Rosemary Sokas, Dr. Bernhard Liese, and Sarah Vittone, professors and leaders in the School of Nursing and Health Studies at Georgetown University, Washington DC (Presentation pdf)

October 6 – Global Health Communications Strategies: Ebola and the Untapped Potential of Religious Networks – The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University, Washington DC

September 23 – The Ebola Crisis: Context, Systemic Challenges, Consequences – (CSPAN Link 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4) – Georgetown University, Washington DC

September 3 – O’Neill Institute Colloquium: The West African Ebola Epidemic: How Can It be Contained and How Can We Prevent the Next One?(CSPAN Link) – Georgetown Law, Washington DC

August 12 – Media Briefing (Teleconference Only): The Ebola Crisis in West Africa – Law, Ethics and an Update from the Ground (Scheduled) – The O’Neill Institute, Georgetown Law, Washington DC

Georgetown Blog Posts:

 Blog Posts in External Fora: