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Medical errors is now the third cause of death in the United States

“Researchers: Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States” (Washington Post, jun. 3 2016)

A problem that fully affects biomedical ethics is medical errors, which can even lead to death of the patient involved. A recently published article in American newspaper The Washington Post (3-V-2016) analysed the frequency of them, using as a source an article from the British Medical Journal of 3rd May, which stated that  “medical errors in hospitals and other health-care facilities are incredibly common and may now be the third-leading cause of death in the United States – claiming 251,00 lives every year, 700 per day, more than respiratory disease, accidents, stroke and Alzheimer’s” (read the article HERE). We do not need to highlight the ethical component that such carelessness entails, and the need to promote measures to help to reduce them.

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