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Marsala v. Yale New Haven Hospital – Medical Futility Lawsuit Heading to Trial

I have discussed the Marsala v. Yale New Haven Hospital lawsuit for years on this blog. Basically, the family alleges that clinicians removed Helen Marsala’s ventilator without consent and over their objections.

Some of the various trial and appellate orders are here.  Unlike most medical futility conflicts which do not even make it to court, this one appears headed toward trial.

After a pretrial conference in late April, the judge ordered:

  1. No further written discovery may be served absent leave of court.
  2. Depositions of parties and fact witnesses have been completed, and absent leave of court, there shall be no further such depositions.
  3. Defendant’s depositions of plaintiff experts shall be completed by July 7, 2017.
  4. Any motions in limine or motions to preclude shall be filed by October 20, 2017.
No. AAN-CV-126010861S (Conn. Sup. Ct. Ansonia/Milford).

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