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SFEOL – Now Care Planning – Peaceful and Timely Transitions for Patients Who Lack Effective Living Wills

Join me at the next meeting of the San Francisco Bay Area Network for End of Life Care on January 4, 2017, at 11:30 am, at Vintage Golden Gate Fine Arts Hall, 1601 19th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122.

The topic:  “Now Care Planning – Peaceful and Timely Transitions for Patients Who Lack Effective Living Wills”  

Dr. Stanley Terman will introduce “Now Care Planning”—if the patient’s loved ones are sure that, if the patient could observe her present life and knew her prognosis, she would refuse all life-sustaining treatments—but the patient has either no living will or one that is ineffective. 

This new protocol starts with several people contributing their Substituted Judgment to make treatment decisions on the patient’s behalf. Then they present the treating physician their Consensus of Substituted Judgment. If necessary, they invoke strategies to motivate the physician to honor the patient’s wishes.

“Now Care Planning” strives to attain three goals:
To make the same treatment decision that the patient would have made for his or her current condition, free of self-serving and biased influences.
To reduce the current and future emotional stress of each surrogate decision-maker from making difficult, existential treatment decisions for loved ones.
To motivate treating physicians to honor patient’s end-of-life wishes.

Dr. Terman will explain why Healthcare Professionals might consider training to learn how to counsel patients on “Strategic Advance Care Planning” and “Now Care Planning.” Dr. Terman feels that trained professionals should be adequately compensated for their additional knowledge, experience, and skills. 

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