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India to Ban Rent-a-Wombs, Limited Surrogacy Allowed But Not for Single Women, Gays

August 25, 2016

(The Wire) – Once approved, there will be a complete ban on commercial surrogacy, but altruistic surrogacy will be permitted for needy infertile couples under strict regulations. The draft law allows only Indian citizens to avail of surrogacy, not foreigners, NRIs or PIOs. And in a provision that reflects the moral conservatism of policymakers – both in the present BJP-led government and the previous Congress-led one – the law discriminates against Indian citizens who are homosexuals, would-be single parents, and live-in couples. Individuals who fall in these categories will be ineligible to avail of surrogacy even if they are infertile. Finally, couples who already have children – biological or adopted – will not be allowed to go in for surrogacy, though they can adopt a child.

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