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Wesley J. Smith on Thaddeus Pope

Wesley J. Smith makes this observation about me:  “I disagree fundamentally with Thaddeus Mason Pope about everything, but respect his candor—he doesn’t sugarcoat the hemlock—and deeply appreciate the work he does in archiving various court cases involving bioethics around the world.”

“Everything” might be too strong and broad.  But I appreciate the sentiment.  But my most favorite recent comment about me remains Ann Neumann’s.  

“Thaddeus Mason Pope is an animated, towering man with a bald head and enigmatic facial features as unforgettable as his name. . . . Pope also runs the Medical Futility Blog, a site with work-a-day formatting and outdated fonts that is nonetheless an indispensable clearing house for news and updates on end of life legislation, litigation and initiatives. Which is why I follow what he writes and blogs religiously.

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