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Drafting Healthcare Decisions Laws (a Poem)

This poem was recited by Phillip Carroll in the closing remarks of his 1987 Presidential Address to the Uniform Law Commission.  The ULC had met in August 1985 to draft the Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill Act.

  • We came to California, we’re here at Newport Beach,
  • We’re lawyers from the 50 states, uniformity we preach.
  • 96 times we’ve met like this, injustice we outmode,
  • A sample of our efforts – the Uniform Commercial Code.
  • Our tasks are seldom easy, in fact at times it’s all uphill,
  • Remember Minneapolis and the Rights of the Terminally Ill!
  • We said there was a right to die and we could write the tickets,
  • The locals said that we could try, but first get through our pickets.
  • You know I thought I would die from all that agitation,
  • But soon I found that I lacked was nutrition and hydration.
  • We’ll kick this off this morning and our spirits will uplift,
  • We will think things anatomical and how to make a gift.
  • Yes, once again we face the knotty issue of franchise,
  • We’ll do it and we’ll show the world the art of compromise.

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