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Book Forum––Carlo Caduff’s The Pandemic Perhaps by Todd Meyers


Carlo Caduff’s The Pandemic Perhaps: Dramatic Events in a Public Culture of Danger (University of California Press, 2015) is a story of the influenza pandemic that never was. Caduff tells this story from an American perspective through his encounters with scientists and other actors who engage in the august work of “preparedness,” but in doing so, often draw upon and amplify an apocalyptic imaginary that doubtless shapes scientific and public priorities (and fears). With lucid and critical detail Caduff shows how forms of prophecy (new and old) push catastrophe towards further and further horizons.

We have an incredible group of commentaries on The Pandemic Perhaps. We hope you enjoy.


Beyond Belief: The Work of Global Health Security
Raad Fadaak
McGill University

Reproducing the Magic: Uncertain Science and Reason+
Karen Jent
University of Cambridge

Plotting Global Health Attention through Pandemics
Ann Kelly
King’s College London

The Many Lives of Viruses
Perig Pitrou
Collège de France

Pandemic Returns
Christos Lynteris
University of Cambridge


A life that is not its own: A reply
Carlo Caduff
King’s College London


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