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Top Health Law Programs in the United States

Last Wednesday, US News & World Report released the rankings of all US law schools and their specialty programs.

The Health Law Institute at Mitchell Hamline School of Law went up for the third straight year, now ranked 12th in the nation.

Other top schools include:
1.  Saint Louis University
2.  Boston University
3.  University of Houston
4.  University of Maryland
5.  Georgetown University
6.  Georgia State 
7.  Harvard
8.  Loyola University Chicago
9.  Case Western University
10.  Seton Hall University
11.  Indiana University Indianapolis
12.  Mitchell Hamline School of Law
12.  University of Pittsburgh
14.  UC Hastings
15.  George Washington
15.  Northeastern
15.  Stanford
15.  Yale
19.  Arizona State University 
19.  Drexel University
19.  University of Minnesota
22.  Wake Forest University 
23.  Duke University
23.  Quinnipiac University

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