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International Conference on End of Life: Law, Ethics, Policy and Practice

The International Conference on End of Life: Law, Ethics, Policy and Practice was held at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia in August 2014. 

It was co-hosted by the Australian Centre for Health Law Research, the Dalhousie Health Law Institute (Canada) and the Tsinghua Health Law Research Center (China). The conference attracted almost 350 delegates from 26 countries and included representation from over a dozen different disciplines with an interest in end of life care.

The QUT Law Review has just published seven articles (including mine) from this conference.

Guest Editorial: End of Life Law, Ethics, Policy and Practice
Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Andrew McGee, Fiona McDonald

How We Die: A View from Palliative Care
Michael Ashby

Texas Advance Directives Act: Nearly a Model Dispute Resolution Mechanism for Intractable Medical Futility Conflicts
Thaddeus Mason Pope

Futility and the Law: Knowledge, Practice and Attitudes of Doctors in End Of Life Care
Lindy Willmott, Ben White, Eliana Close, Cindy Gallois, Parker Malcolm, Nicholas Graves, Sarah Winch, Leonie Callaway, Nicole Shepherd

Legalised Physician-Assisted Death in Oregon
Linda Ganzini

Permitting Voluntary Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: Law Reform Pathways for Common Law Jurisdictions
Jocelyn Downie

Terminal Sedation – Good Medicine? Good Ethics? Good Law?
Sheila McLean

How the UK Overcame the Ethical, Legal and Professional Challenges in Donation After Circulatory Death
Dale Gardiner

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