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Bioethics and the Super Bowl (or, from the sublime to the ridiculous)

What, you ask after reading today’s title, could the Super Bowl possibly have to do with Bioethics? Maybe you thought it would be about concussions or some such concern. Well, in honor of the upcoming minor sports event this weekend, and with tongue firmly in cheek, I present the following:

A study in this month’s Journal of American Health Economics found that in areas that send teams to the Super Bowl, there is an 18 percent increase in influenza deaths in people over the age of 65.

Think about it: all of those innocent people over the last 50* years . . . The obvious conclusion is that the Super Bowl is incontrovertibly a public health disaster. Therefore, there is only one ethical option: to cancel the Super Bowl.

*(Why did the Super Bowl stop using Roman numerals this year, so that it’s Super Bowl 50 instead of Super Bowl L?)

(Please accept this in the humorous spirit in which it is intended)

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