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Martin Shkreli and our Need for People to Hate

I recently posted an article on our Facebook page about pharmaceutical company CEO Martin Shkreli being arrested for securities fraud. You will remember that this is the same character disabled CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals who was in the news very recently for price gouging, having increased the price of the anti-parasitic drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750. But you know all of that. What has fascinated me is that when I posted the article about his arrest on the Alden March Bioethics Institute Facebook page it reached nearly a thousand people in a few hours. That is a lot of people for the Alden March Bioethics Facebook page. I pondered why this would happen. Why were more people interested in Martin Shkreli that in all of the postings we make regarding what seem to me to be fascinating bioethical topics?

Obviously I do not know exactly why this is. But this is a blog, not a scientific paper and that means that I am free to guess why that is. It probably is not that his name starts with four consecutive consonants although that is somewhat disconcerting. The first piece of evidence to be considered is what other articles are prominent in the online news outlets next to the article about Martin Shkreli. I see that on the same CNN page which features news on our boy wonder pharmaceutical company CEO and hedge fund whiz kid other articles about a police manhunt for the so-called Affluenza Teen and about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin lauding each other with praise.

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