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European Neonatal Ethics Workshops (June 1-2, 2016)

Plan to be in Oxford on June 1-2, 2016.  

When is it ethical to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment from a newborn infant?
Dr Dominic Wilkinson

How should neonatologists counsel parents about outcomes?
Professor John Wyatt

Communication and end of life decisions: Insights from paediatric palliative care
Dr Emily Harrop

 The law and treatment decisions for newborn infants- ‘Keeping things out of Court’
Prof Margot Brazier

Debate: Has therapeutic hypothermia impacted the we think and manage stopping resuscitation and intensive care in neonatal care
For: Dr Sijo Francis
Against: Dr Alok Sharma
Audience Discussion facilitated by Dr S Babarao

Workshop 1: Advanced Communication
Workshop 2 Simulated Cases for Discussion
Workshop 3 Simulated Workshop 

European Neonatal Ethics Conference – “Sharing Ethical Practice Together’’  June 2nd 2016

Ethical Principles in Neonatal Care Professor 
Dominic Wilkinson

Should parents’ ability to take care of the child be taken into account in decision-making about treatment in the NICU?
Dr Sofia Moratti

Shared decision-making in the NICU and PICU. Theory vs Practice
Dr Mirjam De Vos

Ethical dilemmas in the NICU in developing countries Professor
Ingrid Miljeteig

Debate- Nuffield and BAPM Guidelines around extremely premature infants – Are they still valid? 
Neil Marlowe, John Wyatt, Margot Brazier

“Case Presentations” and panel Facilitator
Dr Mike Hall

Controversies in Neonatal organ donation 
Dr Joe Brierley

Ethical challenges in prenatally diagnosed severe congenital malformations

Communication around End of Life Decisions 
Prof Neil Marlow

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