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Web Roundup: 2015 by Lily Shapiro

As the year winds up, many publications around the web are doing “highlights of 2015”-type lists, so I thought I’d compile some of these to give a bit of shape to the end of the year, and to draw attention to a few things you might have missed.

Science outlined the 2016 US budget that was just passed, focused specifically on which science agencies stand to win in the coming year. The takeaway? This budget is mostly good news for science and research!

The New Yorker has a list of “The 6 Most Interesting Psychology Papers of 2015”, as well as the “The Most Notable Medical Findings of 2015”. And their “Best Quotes from the Tech Industry in 2015” rounds up a few of 2015’s more interesting tech news stories, including the open letter from Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and others arguing against the development and escalation of autonomous weapons, and the NY Times’ investigation into the work culture at Amazon.

Popular Science has a compilation of the top plague stories of 2015, which includes articles on polio, drug resistant antibiotics, and Ebola. They also have a roundup of “the good viruses of 2015,” including a look into the role of viruses in the human microbiome as well as the cutting edge of viral therapeutics.

The New York Times has a compilation of “Medical and Health News that Stuck with us in 2015,” which highlights stories on Ebola, end of life care and decision making, anxiety, and mental health care in West Africa, among other things.

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