Bioethics and Donald Trump

Sometimes people say things in public that just need a response. Donald Trump did that recently when he said that the US should deny entry into the country for all Muslims due to the risks to the US from radical Islamic jihadists. Just about everyone has responded with statements of why this is utterly wrong including Republicans, Democrats, Jews, Muslims and Christians. Permit me to respond from the viewpoint of Christian bioethics.

Christian bioethics is grounded in an understanding of who we are as human beings. We believe that every human being has an inherent dignity because we are one of the family of beings that God has created in his image. We believe that every human being should be treated with respect because of that inherent dignity. That dignity does not depend on what an individual has or can accomplish or even what that individual believes. A human being has dignity and deserves our respect even if he or she denies the grounds we have for granting that respect.

We also believe in religious freedom and that does not mean that only those who agree with what we believe to be true about God and what he has revealed to us about how we should live should have freedom. Religious freedom means that we support people being able to live in accordance with their best understanding of ultimate truth even if what they believe turns out to be false. Religious freedom is a part of how we treat human beings because of their inherent dignity.

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