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Drifting – a Play about Accepting Death [EOL in Art 184]

Bill Doan’s play “Drifting” got a very positive review in NY Theater Wire.  

“The play opens with the sound of labored breathing as we look upon an inert young woman on a hospital bed holding tightly against her twisted body a featureless life-size cloth puppet. A young man sits in a chair next to her.”

“A flutter of her eyelids, her head moves slowly, she gets out of bed as though in a trance and begins to sway dance to some inner music. And from this moment, the play moves in and out of different levels of consciousness and layers of reality. The part of SHE, played beautifully by Megan Pickrell, is a haunting tour de force of intense movement and vocal gymnastics as she projects the inner life of the comatose sister where memory and present condition mingle freely. The life-size cloth puppet, the Body in the Bed, represents the outer shell of SHE . . . .”

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