BRL_logohalfWhile we often focus on the individual and especially our Georgetown undergraduates, the Bioethics Research Library has spent years developing resources for specific groups of patrons. This week we want to focus a bit on one of the groups: educators. Join us as we explore the resources available to those who teach bioethics.

At different times, we have created aides the medical community, an ethicist who serve on hospital and corporate boards, and international researchers who access materials differently than those researchers in the United States. However, one of the groups we have always had an affinity for are those who teach in the field.

Originally the Bioethics Research Library decided that the best way to help the growing community of teachers was to collected and make available syllabus from bioethics classes. This collection started small, often with contributions from the Kennedy Ethics of Institute scholars, but grew into more than 700 individual submissions. As you might image many of these syllabus came from undergraduate classes, but there are also dozens from teachers who taught in high schools, syllabus for nursing programs, and even some others from certificate courses. You can find syllabus from famous bioethicists and from dedicated continuing studies professionals.

Since 1985, we’ve been collecting them and you can still submit syllabus to us!

While the Syllabus Exchange Repository may be our oldest resource for educators it is not our only one. In fact, we have an entire page dedicated to helping educators find resources to use in the classroom regardless of level. You can find case studies to use an example of an issue, one click bibliographies to see what materials the BRL has in its collection and other selected resources by education level from other places around the world that might help you create a lesson plan.

Another ongoing project of the Bioethics Research Library is the High School Bioethics Curriculum Project. This important program headed by Dr. Laura Bishop has collected and created resources for educators who want to introduce bioethics to their secondary school curriculum. You can visit the page here and find out more information about other projects that have been created by educators all over the world to ensure bioethics is not just a post-secondary field of research!

Of course you can always Explore Bioethics Topics to find resources too!

As you can see there are nearly endless ways people have to be introduced to bioethics. While the field can sometimes feel too massive to wrap your arms around and especially when trying to teach others about it the resources collected here should help you find an access point.

As always if you have any questions or comments please do let me know!


Nat Norton, M.A.L.S, C.A.
Archivist and Digital Technician

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