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ASBH Annual Meeting – Lots of EOL Sessions

The ASBH Annual Meeting is October 21-25, 2015 in Houston.  

If you are not already planning to go, check out this huge list of sessions on EOL.  And this is just a subset of those on the program.
Brain Death
  • Can the Brain Dead be Harmed or Wronged? On the Moral Status of Brain De…
  • Religious Exemptions and the Duality of Death
  • Are Brain Dead Human Beings Really Dead?
  • Done to Death: Yet Another Argument About Defining Death—Where Miller & …

  • Non-beneficial Treatment Cases: A Policy Approach?
  • Preventive Ethics in an ICU Setting: A Pilot Study
  • Legal Update 2015: Top 10 Legal Developments in Bioethics
  • Developing and Evaluating a Moral Distress Consult Service

  • Going POLSTal: Stamping Out Suboptimal Advance Care Planning Practices
  • Advance Care Planning in Health Organizations: Moving from Voluntary to Ob
  • Pregnancy Exclusions: Marlise Munoz and Limits on the Health Care Decision…
  • Talk to My Doctor about End-of-Life Issues? I Didn’t Even Know I Should!
  • Challenges and Strategies for Talking about Advance Directives with the Newl
  • Who Speaks for This Patient? An Advance Directive Quality Improvement Pro
  • Innovative Systems for Documenting Goals of Care and Life-Sustaining
  • Whose Decision is it Anyway? Care Providers‚ End of Life Conversations‚ and…

Surrogate Decisions
  • End of Life Rituals in the NICU as Analogues to the Christian Sacrament of A…
  • What To Do About Incompetent Revocations: When Patients With Progressiv…
  • Continuing Life-Sustaining Medical Treatment against Surrogate Wishes: Hea
  • The Unbefriended Must Not Be Unprotected: Organizational and Clinical Man…
  • Deciding for Patients without Proxies: Lessons Learned from a Decade of Det…
  • Culture and Religion: Forces to Be Reckoned with when Parents Refuse Life…
  • Evaluating Welfare in Patients Diagnosed as Vegetative with Covert Awareness
  • How Neonatologists and Bioethicists Conceptualize the Best Interests Standard

  • The Ethics of Paired Kidney Donation and Kidney Chains
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation of Brain Dead Organ Donors: Impermissible‚…
  • Transplant Candidates: Expressions of Hope or Denial?

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