Has gender ideology been checkmated?

A few innocent questions were enough to dismantle the myth of gender ideology with a devasting blow on a
Norwegian TV show

Past summer, “Gender Ideology” was dealt a devastating blow, oddly enough in the countries that pioneered this theory, when the Nordic Council of Ministers (regional inter-governmental co-operation consisting of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) closed down the NIKK Nordic Gender Institute. It is notable that the news had little impact among us,perhaps because it is a dominant ideology that does not allow other alternatives to its way of thinking. Freedom of thought is sacred, but with two conditions: that we do not try to impose it on anyone, and that one is truly free to express an opinion.

NIKK had been the promoter of “Gender Ideology” and provided the “scientific” basis for the social and educational policies that, since 1970, had helped Nordic countries to become known as the most “gender sensitive”. The decision to close the Institute was taken after Norwegian State Television broadcast a documentary exposing the completely anti-scientific character of the NIKK and their “research”. Why did the Inter-governmental Council decide to close it? Because the television program (it can be viewed on YouTube under the title “brainwash” (first part, second part), with a relaxed, unprejudiced interviewer, laid bare the minds of NIKK.

In the documentary, the reporter, Harold Eia, asked the leading researchers and scientists at NIKK some innocent questions. He then sent the answers to scientists throughout the world, especially the United Kingdom and the United States.

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