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Medical malpractice : Paolo Macchiarini could be charged

Artificial trachea transplant studies 

Macchiarini Traquea bioartificial

Was it a medical malpractice?

Paolo Macchiarini is the surgeon who performed the first artificial trachea transplant. At that time, this medicalpractice had great social repercussions in various media. However, it now appears that there are medical problems related with the transplant.

Accused with medical malpractice

In effect, the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, where Dr. Macchiarini works, and in which he carried out three tracheal transplants (using artificial matrices recellularised with the patient’s own stem cells) to replace the damaged tracheas (Science 19 April 2013, page 266), has warned of certain ethical problems in these procedures, since two of the three patients who underwent the surgery died and the third has been in hospital since the operation two years ago.

In addition to this medical difficulty, four doctors involved in the medical care of these patients have stated that they (the patients) did not give their informed consent prior to the surgery, and that Dr. Macchiarini’s articles, where these experiments were published, have objective technical difficulties. An ethics report on these medical articles is currently being compiled and is expected to be completed in January 2015.

The Karolinska Institute Ethics Council are also investigating whether the results reported by Dr. Macchiarini as regards the success of his procedures were manipulated to show better results than those obtained. However, Macchiarini has stated that doubts over the ethics of his studies are unfounded.(Science 346, 1160, 2014).

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