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Cell therapy with IPs cells for corneal lesions

Cell therapy, repairing damaged tissues is a top therapeutic objective in current medicine. Cell therapy is one of the main medical instruments used to reach this objective, mainly using adult stem cells or IPs cells (reprogrammed cells). One of the clinical areas in which this cell therapy with IPs cells seems most promising is in the field of eye diseases.

The cornea is a transparent structure that allows us to see, but it is a structure that is easily damaged by trauma or infections, which can lead to reduced vision or even blindness.  One solution for these problems is corneal transplants, but these can be limited due to immune tolerance issues and the shortage of donors. One possible alternative is cell therapy.

In relation to this, Basu et al. (Sci Transl Medicine 6,266 ra172 (2014)) Cell therapya. These types of corneal cells could theoretically be produced from the patient’s own cells and used to prevent the blindness that corneal lesions can cause.

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