New Features Now Available at Bioethics.gov

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) has added two new design features to its website, Bioethics.gov. The purpose of the new features is to make it even easier to use the website, which continues to grow as the Bioethics Commission produces new materials and conducts quarterly meetings.

The new additions include filter toolbars for both the Education and Meetings pages. These filters will allow users to search for specific topics and materials on each page. On the Education page, users can search for educational modules by topic, Bioethics Commission report, or study guides and other resources. The Meetings page offers filters according to meeting year, location, and topic. For those already accustomed to the original layout, the filters are offered in addition to the original navigation tools. New material will be added as it always has, but the filters serve as an additional option should users wish to conduct a more targeted search.

The Education and Meeting pages are two of the fastest growing parts of the website, and each is expected to expand throughout the coming years. As part of its commitment to furthering bioethics education, the Bioethics Commission continues to produce educational modules to accompany its reports. All modules and materials are made publicly available online on the Education page. The Meetings page will also grow in 2015, as the Commission continues its process of democratic deliberation and continues to hold quarterly meetings. The Commission recently hit a meeting milestone in February when it held its 20th public meeting.

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