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2014 AER Post-Conference To-Do List: Things You Should Do ASAP

by Rebecca S. Ohnemus, MAA, CRA, research officer at University of the Incarnate Word

Before the conference you diligently poured over the session and speaker descriptions, planned out your flights for optimal arrival and departure times, and emailed all your conference friends to see if they wanted to meet up for coffee or dinner. You worked hard to make sure everything was in place so you could get the most out of the time you’d spend with your colleagues (and away from the office!). 

But what happens when you get back? Your inbox is overflowing with new messages. Your voicemail is at capacity. There is a stack of interdepartmental mail envelopes on your desk that’s taller than your cat. This can’t be right. Was I really only gone for five days?  And just like that, you hit the ground running

Before you look back and wonder where the entire month of January went, here are a few things you should remember to do to ensure you get every ounce of value from your 2014 AER Conference experience:

Log in. If you registered for the 2014 AER Conference, you received an email from PRIM&R with login information for the conference proceedings.* The conference was all the way back in early December and, chances are, you’ve had panicked last-minute holiday requests from colleagues, family, and friends packing your schedule and mind since then. Log in and get a refresher on the topics you learned about at the conference so they stick with you. It’s pedagogy 101: going over a lesson again helps cement it in your mind.

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