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James and Lamar’s Excellent Adventure

You may remember a movie, now twenty five years old in which
two apparently unintelligent teens (Ted and Bill) use a time machine to prepare
a history assignment.
 In this movie it appears that things may not turn out so well but a being from
the future comes to help them out and save the world. The movie is, of course,
fiction and a farce. It very much appears that we are, in a sense, reliving
this sort of excellent adventure with an important difference. It appears to be
a farce but unfortunately it is not fiction. It is also not likely to be

In January the 113th Congress of the United
States of America will be convened with Republican majorities in both the
Senate and House of Representatives. In this new congress Senator James
Mountain Inhofe, Republican from Oklahoma will almost certainly become Chair of
the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. The Senate Environment and
Public Works Committeehas oversight of pollution and those environmental issues
which impact public works including highways and power plants. The decisions
made by this committee will have tremendous impact on the environment, and by
extension, impact on the well-being of all who live on planet earth. In this
new congress Representative Lamar Seeligson Smith, Republican from the
twenty-first district of Texas will almost certainly become Chair of the House
Committee on Science, Space and Technology. The House Committee on Science,
Space and Technology has jurisdiction over space and energy research and
oversight over the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the
National Science Foundation (NSF).

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