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Palliative Care and Ethics – Difficult Decisions Near the Very End of Life

Earlier this year, Oxford University Press released Palliative Care and Ethics, edited by Timothy E. Quill and Franklin G. Miller.  The seven chapters in section IV focus on “Difficult Decisions Near the Very End of Life.”
Section I: Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Introduction (Quill and Miller)
Chapter 2: Hospice (Charles von Gunten)
Chapter 3: Palliative Care (Susan D. Block)
Section II. Ethical Challenges within Current Systems of Care
Chapter 4: Emerging Complexities in Pediatric Palliative Care (Renee Boss and Nancy Hutton)
Chapter 5: Patient-Centered Ethos in an Era of Cost Control: Palliative Care and Healthcare Reform (Diane E. Meier and Emily Warner)
Chapter 6: Palliative Care, Ethics and Interprofessional Teams (Sally A. Norton, Deborah Waldrop, and Robert Gramling)
Section III. Addressing Dimensions of Suffering  
Chapter 7: Pain Relief and Palliative Care (Nathan Cherny)
Chapter 8: Management of Dyspnea (Thomas W. LeBlanc, David C. Currow, Jane L. Phillips, and Amy Abernethy)
Chapter 9: Diagnosis and Treatment of Delirium (Maxine De la Cruz and Eduardo Bruera)
Chapter 10: Psychosocial and Psychiatric Suffering (Yesne Alici, Kanan Modhwadia, William S. Breitbart)
Chapter 11: Capacity and Shared Decision-Making in Serious Illness (Ronald M. Epstein and Vikki Entwistle)
Section IV. Difficult Decisions Near the Very End of Life
Chapter 12: Withholding and Withdrawing Life-Sustaining Treatments (Robert D. Truog)
Chapter 13: Medical Futility: Content in the Context of Care (Peggy Determeyer and Howard Brody )
Chapter 14: Palliative Sedation (J. Andrew Billings)
Chapter 15: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (Emily Rubin and James L. Bernat)
Chapter 16: Physician Assisted Death (Timothy E.

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