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Failures of end of life healthcare redux

It’s not news that end of life care is broken.  A recap from current discussions; Zeke Emmanuel (yes the brother of Rahm, formerly seen around the White House and presently holding offices in Chicago), and others.

Every now and then, it is instructive to see what physicians choose for themselves, in end of life health care.  See, and their obvious rejection of continued treatment in situations where the benefits are hard to identify, other than keeping the body alive.
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A chart of doctor responses from the Precursors Study:
Preferences of physician-participants for treatment given a scenario of irreversible brain injury without terminal illness. Percentage of physicians shown on the vertical axis. For cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), surgery, and invasive diagnostic testing, no choice for a trial of treatment was given. Data from the Johns Hopkins Precursors Study, 1998. Courtesy of Joseph Gallo, “Life-Sustaining Treatments: What Do Physicians Want and Do They Express Their Wishes to Others?”

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