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    Announcing the Georgetown University Bioethics Minor Courses for Fall 2014

    This Fall there are currently 12 courses that count toward the minor. Head on over to the Kennedy Institute of Ethics page on the bioethics minor to learn more.

    Courses in the Department of Philosophy

    PHIL 105-01: Ethics: Bioethics 
    Margaret Little

    PHIL 105-02: Ethics: Bioethics 
    Laura Guidry-Grimes

    PHIL 105-03: Ethics: Bioethics 
    Jacob Earl

    PHIL 129-01: Ethics: Global Justice
    James Olsen

    PHIL 129-02: Ethics: Global Justice
    James Olsen

    PHIL 138-01: Ethics: Environmental Ethics
    Colin Hickey

    PHIL 39801: Philosophy of Biology
    Larry Bryce Huebner

    PHIL 435: Global Justice/The Environment 
    Madison Powers

    Courses Outside the Department of Philosophy

    BIOL 261-01: Science/Society: Global Challenges
    Francis Slakey

    INAF 398-01: Comparative and International Medical Law and Ethics
    Debra Wilson

    PHYS 203-01: Science/Society: Global Challenges
    Francis Slakey and Allyson Anderson

    STIA-356-01: Global Health Ethics
    Irene Jillson

    Georgetown University Energy Prize Public Launch Event


    On April 23, 2014, Georgetown University will formally announce the first-of-its-kind, Georgetown University Energy Prize.

    The event will convene community leaders from the 40+ cities and counties who have signed Letters of Intent to compete, along with our public, private and non-profit partners, and members of the media, to learn more about the Prize and how they can leverage this opportunity to rethink America’s energy usage.

    The event will include top leaders from across the Federal Government, thought leaders from innovative corporations, and experts from academic and non-profit organizations. Featured speakers will include Daniel Poneman, Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy; John J. DeGioia, President of Georgetown University; and Ellen S. Alberding, President of the Joyce Foundation.

    For more information, and to download the current agenda, visit