Max M. and Marjorie B. Kampelman Collection of Jewish Ethics

kampelmanThrough the generosity of Max M. and Marjorie B. Kampelman a Collection of Jewish Ethics was established in 1983 at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics.

You may browse the Kampelman Collection on LibraryThing, view thecomplete list of holdings housed in the Bioethics Research Library on the main campus of Georgetown University, or view the collection in EthxWeb.

Interested readers are invited to use the Collection by appointment. Please contact the Bioethics Research Library to make arrangements.

The Collection now contains over 1,500 books covering Jewish ethics and related subjects, including Holocaust studies.

The links below provide searches for other bibliographic materials by publication type as well as searches of the International Bioethics Organizations database and the Syllabus Exchange Database:

You can also use these suggested strategies to formulate your own search of the Library’s databasesfor specific topics in the Kampelman Collection.

We welcome your suggestions for additions to the Collection.


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