Historical Bioethics Newsletters Archival Collection

KIENewsletterPictureThis collection includes 3000+ individual newsletters from 1971 to the present.

Since its inception, the Bioethics Research Library of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University has actively sought to collect newsletters, bulletins, and other publications produced by organizations involved in bioethical issues, in addition to its ongoing academic journal subscriptions. Originally these newsletters were kept alongside our journals in the stacks and maintained as any other subscription would be. They were accessible visiting the library and, later on, through digitization through inter-library loan. Over the years the collection became one of the more popular resources used by visiting researchers who marveled at not only the breadth of the collection, but also how much of the material was new to them. Because these newsletters were not as widely distributed many scholars were able to discover these resources for the first time while visiting the library.

The dedication to acquire and provide access to a wide range of bioethics materials led to the creation of this collection. By ensuring that not only the major works in the field were being acquired, but also the smaller, more focused works were available an entire generation of students and researchers benefited. It is with that in mind that the Library has decided to formalize these materials into a new archival collection to ensure there continued access to these unique materials and ensure that they will be preserved for today and for the future.

Gene WatchThis Newsletter Archival Collection compromises more than forty years of publications, many of which have never been digitized and were only distributed on a limited basis. There are over 300 unique titles covering a range of topics, including animal rights, genetic research, legal and policy decisions, as well as materials from many countries from around the world. Both full runs and single issues have been collected. The collection is comprised of approximately 30.00 linear feet of materials and each volume has been placed in protective sleeves and folders to ensure proper preservation is maintained.

The preservation of these materials does require removing them from the journal stacks, but they can be requested for use in the Bioethics Research Library by submitting a request using our item request form.

While there are many full runs in the collection, there are also many runs that are missing issues. Because of this we have created a finding aid that you can use to determine what issues are available. Please consult the finding aid to determine which issues are currently held and when requesting an item indicate what newsletter issue you would like to see. Multiple issues may be requested at the same time. Please note there is a section of the finding aid for single issues and volumes. These newsletters are kept separate from the larger collection to more easily access them. The section is arranged in alphabetical order. When requesting from the single issues and volumes please indicate that you are requesting the item from that smaller collection.

The historical bioethics newsletter archive finding aid has been placed on Digital Georgetown in the Library’s digital collection and will be maintained there permanently. The finding aid will receive periodic updates as missing volumes are located and new materials are added.