Office of Technology Assessment Reports Collection

The Congressional Office of Technology Assessment existed from 1972 to 1995. During its 23-year history, OTA provided congressional members and committees with analysis of the scientific and technical issues that are increasingly relevant to public and legislative action. This collection contains reports from all formally issued reports of The Office of Technology Assessment, as well as many background papers and contractor papers – over 100,000 pages of the best available analysis of the scientific and technical policy issues of the past two decades.

Many of these reports intersect directly with the emerging field of bioethics in their discussion of ethical implications of technology. We have enhanced this collection by adding the eleven most frequent subject keywords from the bioethics thesaurus occurring in each report. We hope you find this a useful way to view groups of reports on topics of interest to bioethics researchers.

The complete set of OTA publications was published by the Government Printing Office on a set of five CD-ROMs in April 1996, stock number: 052-003-01457-2, titled “OTA Legacy”. This set is the source for this collection.

Specific publications that may be of particular interest to researchers in bioethics include:

  • Adolescent Health, Volume 1: Summary and Policy Options. April 1991. 188 p. Publication No. OTA-H-468.
  • Adult Literacy and New Technologies: Tools for a Lifetime. July 1993. 275 p. Publication No. OTA-SET-550.
  • Benefit Design: Patient Cost-Sharing: Background Paper. September 1993. 59 p. Publication No. OTA-PB-H-112.
  • Biological Components of Substance Abuse and Addiction: Background Paper. September 1993. 61 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-BBS-117.
  • The Biology of Mental Disorders: New Developments in Neuroscience. September 1992. 187 p. Publication No. OTA-BA-538.
  • Biomedical Ethics in U.S. Public Policy: Background Paper. June 1993. 92 p. Publication No. OTA-PB-BBS-105.
  • Biotechnology in a Global Economy. October 1991. 283 p. Publication No. OTA-BA-494.
  • The Continuing Challenge of Tuberculosis. September 1993. 148 p. Publication No. OTA-H-574.
  • Cystic Fibrosis and DNA Tests: Implications of Carrier Screening. August 1992. 301 p. Publication No. OTA-BA-532.
  • Cystic Fibrosis and DNA Tests: Implications of Carrier Screening: Summary. August 1992. 57 p. Publication No. OTA-BA-533.
  • Defensive Medicine and Medical Malpractice. July 1994. 182 p. Publication No. OTA-H-602.
  • Drug Labeling in Developing Countries. February 1993. 193 p. Publication No. OTA-H-464.
  • Federal Technology Transfer and the Human Genome Project: Background Paper. September 1995. 118 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-EHR-162.
  • Genetic Counseling and Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening: Results of a Survey: Background Paper. September 1992. 49 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-BA-97.
  • Genetic Monitoring and Screening in the Workplace. October 1990. 262 p. Publication No. OTA-BA-455.
  • Genetic Tests and Health Insurance: Results of a Survey: Background Paper. October 1992. 78 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-BA-98.
  • Impact of Legal Reforms on Medical Malpractice Costs: Background Paper. October 1993. 127 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-H-119.
  • An Inconsistent Picture: A Compilation of Analyses of Economic Impacts of Competing Approaches to Health Care Reform by Experts and Stakeholders. June 1993. 134 p. Publication No. OTA-H-540.
  • International Comparisons of Administrative Costs in Health Care: Background Paper. September 1994. 74 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-H-135.
  • International Health Statistics: What the Numbers Mean for the United States: Background Paper. November 1993. 163 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-H-116.
  • Medical Monitoring and Screening in the Workplace: Results of a Survey: Background Paper. October 1991. 84 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-BA-67.
  • The Menopause, Hormone Therapy, and Women’s Health: Background Paper. May 1992. 126 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-BA-88.
  • Mental Disorders and Genetics: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Society: Background Paper. September 1994. 58 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-H-133.
  • Protecting Privacy in Computerized Medical Information. September 1993. 157 p. Publication No. OTA-TCT-576.
  • Researching Health Risks. November 1993. 228 p. Publication No. OTA-BBS-570.
  • Researching Health Risks: Summary, Issues and Options. November 1993. 44 p. Publication No. OTA-BBS-571.
  • Tools for Evaluating Health Technologies: Five Background Papers. February 1995. 149 p. Publication No. OTA-BP-H-142.
  • Understanding Estimates of National Health Expenditures Under Health Reform. May 1994. 200 p. Publication No. OTA-H-594.

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