Genetics and Ethics Digital Bookshelf

The following monographs related to ethical, legal and social implications of genetics research and clinical practice are online:

Through a cooperative agreement with Duke University’s Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, North Carolina, the following items are now available full text.

The “Genetics Bookshelves” feature a ‘virtual bookshelf’ of monographs found fulltext at either academic or governmental websites.

Through a cooperative agreement with the Hastings Center of Garrison, New York, articles from its journals, the Hastings Center Report and IRB: Ethics and Human Research are now available free online. This QuickBib provides an up-to-date list of such articles.

A related resource at the Kennedy Institute is the National Bioethics Advisory Commission digital archive. This QuickBib lists NBAC reports relevant to genetics.

Citations in the EthxWeb database link to tens of thousands of items available at other websites, many of which are available free, online. Remember to check the box next to “Full text available on-line” before submitting your search request from any of the three search screens. This sample QuickBib lists online books on genetics cited in the EthxWeb database.

Materials on this site are freely available to individual researchers. Any redistribution or commercial use requires written permission of the Institute.

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