Eyewitness news segment from CBS on WUSA-9, Washington, DC. Edmund D. Pellegrino sitting at a desk before books being interviewed. The public is not equipped to deal with questions regarding DNA research, including embryo research because these questions raise philosophical, ethical issues. The general public must be prepared to deal with these questions. How does one make moral decisions?

Format: VHS 20 minutes, color

DNA Research: Ethical Considerations. Interview with Edmund Pellegrino, M.D., October 1994 (1994) is part of the Bioethics Film Collection at Georgetown University and you may request this film for viewing in the Bioethics Research Library or to reserve for classroom use. Please note that we are currently processing this collection and some films may not be available immediately.

Primary Bioethics Classification: 15.1
All Bioethics Classifications: 15.1; 18.5.4

Date released: 19940000
Language: eng

Production: WUSA, CBS
Source: WUSA-9
4100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20016