Clinical Research Ethics

This list of topical resources is collated and maintained by the Bioethics Research Library of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, as part of a growing collection intended to help beginning scholars and researchers explore bioethics.

Bioethics Research Library staff have developed information resources to support persons involved in human biomedical and behavioral research. The following links will retrieve citations from the library’s databases on selected topics. Many citations will have links to tables of contents, abstracts, or even full text and streaming video. Use your web browser to save the citation list for personal use.

A notable published paper on clinical research ethics is Henry Beecher’s “Ethics and Clinical Research” published in 1966.

  • Audiovisual Materials Highlighting Research Ethics
  • Recent Books on Human Experimentation
  • Research Ethics Organizations
    • United States
    • Abroad
  • Syllabi for Courses on Research Ethics
  • QuickBibs from the EthxWeb Database
    • “Gotta Read It Now”: Full Text Resources on the Web
    • Additional Readings on Topics in Research Ethics
      • Bioethics Principles and Research
        • Autonomy
        • Beneficence
        • Justice
      • Community Consent
      • Compensation in Human Experimentation
      • Conflict of Interest
      • Emergency Medicine
      • Empirical Studies of IRBs
      • Genetic Registries
      • Genetic Research
      • Informed Consent in the Research Setting
      • Mental Health Research
      • Placebos
      • Recent Cases: Gelsinger and Roche
      • Stem Cell Research
      • Special Populations
        • Elderly and Terminally Ill Persons
        • Embryos and Fetuses
        • Foreign Nationals
        • Mentally Disabled Persons
        • Military and Government Personnel
        • Minorities
        • Minors
        • Prisoners
        • Students
        • Women

The Bioethics Research Library is also home to archival collections of several federal commissions.