The Bioethics Library’s Film Collection

Brainthatwouldntdie_film_posterDid you know the Bioethics Research Library is home to a collection of more than 700 films related to bioethical issues? We’ve put together an extensive list and descriptions of this rare and hard-to-find titles. Ranging from black and white films from the early 20th century (such as the “The Black Stork”), interviews of scholars such as the late Dr. Edmund Pellegrino, to modern fiction such as Gattaca, the collection is quite diverse in scope and content. You can check out the Bioethics Film Collection page to browse through titles and read a little more about each one. We plan to make these available for faculty to reserve for their courses and for viewing in the Bioethics Research Library.

Most Influential Journals and Top Cited Articles Published in Bioethics 2011-2015

We have updated our annual citation analysis of bioethics journals and articles this month. This now includes articles published in 2015; you will also notice that there are more international journals represented in this list, with a total of 52 in the list. You can check out which journals are publishing the most highly-cited literature in bioethics and get a list of articles and links to full-text sources by year.

View the Top Cited Bioethics Articles and Highest Impact Journals

It is also available as a PDF here: Top Bioethics Literature 2016 for those who would like to add it to their research collection.