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Quinlan at 40: Exploring the Right to Die in the U.S.

In November 2016, the Georgia State University College of Law hosted a symposium: “Quinlan at 40: Exploring the Right to Die in the U.S.”

Four published articles from this symposium are now available from the law review’s website.

Distinctive Factors Affecting the Legal Context of End-Of-Life Medical Care For Older Persons
Marshall B. Kapp

Ending-Life Decisions: Some Disability Perspectives
Mary Crossley

Unbefriended And Unrepresented: Better Medical Decision Making For Incapacitated Patients Without Healthcare Surrogates
Thaddeus Mason Pope

2016-2017 Georgia State University Law Review Symposium: Exploring the Right To Die In The U.S.
Margaret Pabst Battin

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