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Patient Modesty: Volume 80

This Volume’s graphic is another example of an attempt to “speak up” when informing the  medical profession of the patient’s desires for attention of the system to the patient’s modesty and dignity issues. (Thanks to Readers Digest. u.k. via Google Images).  As you may have noticed in the graphic, the patient, while speaking into the stethoscope diaphragm, the ear pieces are not in the doctor’s ears.
What I am trying to emphasize is that it is important when telling your concerns to the doctor or the medical system, verify that they are listening!! And, of course, then responding.

For those just joining this blog thread on Patient Modesty, you might want to get introduced to the current discussion by looking at Volume 79 first.. or 78, or 77 or, if you have the time and interest all the way back to 2005 “Naked” which started this blog thread discussion. ..Maurice.

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