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Call for HCEC Certification Commission Members

In Spring 2017, ASBH successfully completed market research and a role delineation survey, which are critical steps in the development of a sustainable and credible certification program. In July 2017, the ASBH board agreed to appoint an HCEC Certification Commission with responsibility for the development and administration of a certification program. 

For appointment to the Commission, ASBH seeks 3-5 clinical ethics consultants who reflect the interests of the general public in the availability and implementation of an HCEC credential and are representative of the stakeholder groups, including community hospitals and regional health systems, that have an interest in the quality, governance, and operation of the certification program. (The ASBH board will also appoint one member who represents the public or non-employer consumer interest.) The Commission is expected to meet face-to-face for at least one and possibly two 1-2 day meetings and 2-3 conference calls in the coming year.

Appointments will be for initial 1-year terms that may be renewed for a total of no more than 3 years of continuous service. In its first year, the commission will develop a detailed marketing plan and budget; select a testing company; initiate a call for volunteers and select item (exam question) writers for an entry-level exam based on the role delineation study; determine eligibility criteria and develop policies and procedures; and plan for the administration of the first exam. For this purpose, ASBH seeks clinical ethics consultants with relevant experience in governance, program management, and/or marketing. 

ASBH members who are interested in being considered for this work are invited to send

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