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Companies Announce Support for SDG 14 Implementation

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June 2017: Private companies continue to announce support for Sustainable Development Goal 14 (life below water) implementation. Albertsons Companies and Calysta are the latest to relay how they will help the international community meet targets on oceans. Their initiatives focus on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, in particular, and join announcements from other industry players like Dell, Adidas and the New Plastics Economy, which address marine plastic pollution.

Albertsons Companies, one of the largest US supermarket companies, announced its support for SDG 14. It joined the Seafood Task Force and signed on to the pledge on Committing to Social Responsibility in Global Fisheries and Aquaculture, a voluntary commitment made by the private sectors, NGOs and the UN, during the UN Ocean Conference. The Seafood Task Force, a multi-stakeholder alliance that is combating human rights and environmental issues in seafood supply chains, was initially formed to address issues of forced labor, illegal fishing and human trafficking in Thailand’s seafood supply chains, and aims to serve as a model for global supply chains. Albertsons Companies has already established a Responsible Seafood Policy, which lays out standards that the top wild and farmed seafood products sold by the company are expected to meet.

Calysta, a company that produces sustainable products to improve global food security, pledged to support SDG 14 by advancing technology to promote sustainable aquaculture, which is the world’s fastest growing food production system and is increasing demand for new protein sources. Calysta produces FeedKind protein, a sustainable, traceable and natural feed ingredient that does not rely on wild fish catch.

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