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2nd International Conference on End-of-Life Law, Ethics, Policy, and Practice

Check out this remarkable collection of concurrent sessions coming up at the 2nd International Conference on End-of-Life Law, Ethics,
Policy, and Practice (ICEL) in Halifax.

The Ethics of POLST
Lloyd Steffen

The Perils of POLST
Jean Abbott

Advanced Directives and Advanced Care Planning
Peter Saul

“Rock, Paper, Scissors” – Ideologies of End of Life Care for Older People in Hospital
Laura Green

The Cultural Construction of End of Life Issues in Biomedicing: Anthropological Perspectives
Betty Wolder Levin

Caregiver Perspectives of Palliative and End of Life Care for Individuals at End-Stage Dementia in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Qualitative 
Phenomenological Perspective
Barbara Mason

End of Life Regulation and Recent Evolutions in France
Veronique Fournier

To Live and Let Die. Withholding and Withdrawing Life Sustaining Treatment in Argentina: From Therapeutic to Judicial Obstinacy
Maria Ciruzzi

When and How I Shan’t Live: Refusing Life-Prolonging Medical Treatment and Article 8 ECHR
Isra Black

Divorcing Mercy Killing from Euthanasia
Bryanna Moore

The Shift Away from Suicide Talk: Incorporating Voices of Experience
Phoebe Friesen

Elderly Who are Ready to Give Up on Life and the Right to Autonomy
Michelle Habets

Dutch GP’s Views on Good Dying and Euthanasia
Katja ten Cate

Medical Aid in Dying in New York State: Physician Attitudes and Impact of Framing Bias
Brendan Parent

Physicians’ Perceptions of Aid in Dying in Vermont
Ari Kirshenbaum

A New American Threat to Open Discussion of End-of-Life Issues
Robert Rivas

Demedicalised Assistance in Suicide
Martijn Hagens

The Human Rights Implications of the Blanket Ban on Assisted Suicide in England and Wales
Stevie Martin

A Year in Review: The Who, When, Why and How of Requests for Medical Aid in Dying in Quebec
Lori Seller and Veronique Fraser

Medical Aid in Dying: An Update from Québec
Michelle Giroux

Regulating MAiD: The Medical Regulatory Perspective
Andréa Foti

Patients with Parkinson’s Disease, Caregivers’, and Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Advance Care Planning on End-of-Life Care
Kim Jameson

‘You’re Going to Die.

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