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Male or Female – A cultural construct? Our medical and ethical assessment. VIDEO.

Expert professionals, in transsexuality and sexual identity, present this video for help to understand this difficult matter, but before proceeding any further, it is necessary to introduce the precise terminology, to define the meaning of sex, gender and transsexualtiy.

  • SEX is defined as the genetic, biological, anatomical and psychological characteristics of a person, while,
  • GENDER refers to the psychological identification that a person attributes to themselves — man or woman — and to their social assignment.
  • TRANSEXXUALITY. Based on the most recent psychiatric medical criteria, transsexuality should be defined as a disorder of sexual identity causing gender dysphoria, understanding as such the possible psychological imbalance that may arise when there is antagonism between a person’s desired and perceived body image. This psychological imbalance can be permanent or may be resolved at any time of life, especially after adolescence (see HERE).

Teaching gender ideology

These clear medical criteria do not prevent schools teach gender theory without parental consent all over the world.

On the transsexuality dilemma , what is being done?

In our opinion, the only thing that has been achieved so far is to try to adapt the body to the mind, instead of trying to alleviate the cerebral problem.

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