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Aid in Dying Court Appeal Comes to New York Court of Appeals May 30; Strong, Diverse and Growing Support in Amicus Briefs

The right of terminally ill, mentally competent adults to achieve a more peaceful death is at stake in Myers v. Schneiderman, now before the New York Court of Appeals, NY’s highest state court.  Oral arguments will be held in Albany on May 30.

The appeal seeks to reverse lower court decisions that dismissed the case prior to trial.  The case seeks to establish the right of terminally ill patients to receive a prescription for medication which they can self ingest to achieve a peaceful death if confronted by suffering they find unbearable.

Wide support for the plaintiffs is demonstrated by a multitude of amicus briefs submitted to the court by diverse parties representing patients and their loved ones, medical, religious and civil liberties organizations as well as national legal associations.  Two of these organizations are supporting the legalization of aid in dying as an amicus for the first time.

Kathryn Tucker, Executive Director of End of Life Liberty Project, and co-counsel in the case, said, “We are very pleased to see a large number of important voices joining us in seeking reversal of the lower court dismissal of the case. It is especially interesting to note the appearance of new voices not previously involved in aid in dying cases.”

Ms. Tucker noted, “Two new ‘friends’ of end of life liberty are stepping forward in Myers. For the first time in a case seeking to establish access to aid in dying, a state chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) is participating as an amicus in support of patients and physicians.

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