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Paid Sick Days: The Better Way

Kelly Holloway describes how changes to business practices concerning sick days can be beneficial for workers’ health and the economy.


Most employees understand the case in favour of paid sick days. If you do not have them, you probably have to choose between staying home sick and losing pay or going to work sick and putting other people’s health at risk. But the steadfast counter argument to the campaign for paid sick days is that businesses suffer, especially small businesses. And when businesses suffer, the economy suffers.

A newly formed alliance, the Better Way to Build the Economy Alliance, is challenging the argument that legislated paid sick days are bad for the economy. It is doing so by bringing together employers who feel that paid sick days are actually good for businesses. More than that, the alliance claims that decent working conditions and a better minimum wage are good for the economy. This alliance of businesses and community leaders is helping to prove that investments like paid sick days and better wages result in higher levels of employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

“In a small business, you know your employees, and it’s rare, rare, that someone will abuse a paid sick day,” says Paul Hayman from Five Walls Realty in Guelph. “In fact, in my experience most of the time you have to tell someone to go home because they’re feeling sick.”

Toronto, 2016. Photo Credit: Kelly Holloway

Hayman, along with other employers, is featured in the Better Way videos, launched earlier this month.

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