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Cello – New Movie about Hastening Death in Face of ALS

Cello is a short film about one man’s battle with ALS, and the choices we all hope we never have to make.

Olivia knows there is something wrong with her grandpa.  He has been slowing down and unable to play his cello. In fact, master cellist, Ansel Evans, has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). As his body shuts down, he makes the difficult decision to minimize the suffering for his closest loved ones by planning one last concert. But this decision won’t be an easy one to explain to Olivia.

The story is told from Olivia’s perspective, leading audiences to uncover their own wonder, joy and meaning of a difficult situation.  This story seeks to accurately dramatize the fear, sorrow and insecurity ALS patients experience day by day, due to losing control of their body. 

While, for many with ALS and other terminally ill patients, the largest fear becomes that of leaving loved ones to suffer as they do. This film introduces the idea that each individual who has a will and a right to determine how to say good bye to those they love most. It’s a personal choice.

CELLO Trailer from Hannoah Entertainment on Vimeo.

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