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He Vowed to Cure Cancer. But This Billionaire’s Moonshot Is Falling Far Short of the Hype

February 14, 2017

(STAT News) – But a STAT investigation of Soon-Shiong’s cancer moonshot has found very little scientific progress. At its core, the initiative appears to be an elaborate marketing tool for Soon-Shiong — a way to promote his pricey new cancer diagnostic tool at a time when he badly needs a business success, as his publicly-traded companies are losing tens of millions per quarter. STAT also found several instances of inflated claims, with the moonshot team taking credit for progress that doesn’t appear to be real. Soon-Shiong’s use of the moonshot to advance his business interests may be good for his investors. But it also increasingly looks destined to disappoint patients — the latest in a long trail of failed quests to win the war on cancer.

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