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Top Posts for 2016

As we enter 2017, a brief pause to look back at some of our top posts from the past year:


The Climate Crisis Call For Fewer Children

September 12, 2016

Our Travis Rieder continues the debate about climate change and the ethics of having children.



A Path towards Moral Resilience in Nursing

August 26, 2016

After nearly 30 years of research into moral distress there are no clear-cut answers for how to reduce its detrimental impact. In August, 46 nurse leaders convened at Johns Hopkins to address these challenges.


Play Review: Under the Skin

January 29, 2016

Our own Peter Young reviews Everyman Theater’s Under the Skin, which features an inside look at the ethical complexities of kidney donation within a broken family. Is blood truly thicker than water?


Chemotherapy Shortages & Difficult Choices

January 29, 2016

In a new paper and New York Times Special Report, oncologist and bioethicist Yoram Unguru tackles one of medicine’s most wrenching dilemmas.



Is the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ an Ethical Choice for Voters?

August 12, 2016

Moral philosophy meets politics as our Travis Rieder explores whether we can be morally obligated to vote for someone we dislike in order to avoid greater harms.



Bioethics and the Precision Medicine Initiative

March 2, 2016

Berman Institute faculty members are at the table to plan the largest government research undertaking in US history.



New Food Labeling Law

September 13, 2016

‘Victory wrapped inside a defeat’?


Zika Highlights Need for Research on Pregnant Women

June 8, 2016

Bioethics scholars discuss the necessity and complexity of medical research with pregnant women, in the context of Zika and beyond. 

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