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The Year in Bioethics That Was – 2016

by Craig Klugman, Ph.D.

Happy New Year. As has become a tradition at the blogs, the ending of one year and beginning of another is a time for reflection, for reviewing the year that has passed and planning for the year to come.

In 2015, is pleased to have had 17 bloggers contribute to our 106 posts. A very big thank you to these insightful scholars: Keisha Ray, Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby, Kayhan Parsi, Nanette Elster, Art Caplan, David Magnus, Steven Miles, Stuart Chambers, Andrea Kalfoglou, Bela Fishbeyn, Amanda Zink, Sebastian Sattler, Adam Houston, Kelly McBride Folkers, Abhi Amarnani, and Nancy King.…

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