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The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Health Law

The Oxford Handbook of U.S. Health Law is now available.

Part I An Overview of the Legal Governance of Healthcare

  • Relating Health Law to Health Policy: A Frictional Account – William M. Sage
  • The Relationship between Bioethics and U.S. Health Law: Past, Present, and Future – I. Glenn Cohen
  • What Health Reform Reveals about Health Law – Allison K. Hoffman
  • A View from a Friend and Neighbor: A Canadian Perspective on U.S. Healthcare and the Affordable Care Act – Colleen Flood and Bryan Thomas
  • Healthcare Federalism – Abigail R. Moncrieff and Joseph Lawless

Part II Caring and Receiving Care

A. Access to Healthcare

  • Accessing Hospitals and Health Professionals – Eleanor D. Kinney
  • Access to Health Insurance and Health Benefits – Timothy Stoltzfus Jost
  • Legal Battles against Discrimination in Healthcare – Dayna Bowen Matthew

B. Legal Issues in Information Exchange

  • Health Information Law – Frank Pasquale
  • The Promise of Informed Consent – Robin Fretwell Wilson 
  • Communicating Loyalty: Advocacy and Disclosure of Conflicts in Treatment and Research Relationships – Robert Gatter 
  • Medical Privacy and Security – Sharona Hoffman

C. Ethics and Law of Treatments

  • New, Experimental, and Life-Saving Therapies – B. Jessie Hill
  • Mental Health and Other Behavioral Health Services – John V. Jacobi
  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Abortion – Judith Daar
  • Conscientious Refusals of Care – Elizabeth Sepper
  • Disability and Health Law – Leslie Francis, Anita Silvers, and Michael Ashley Stein
  • Autonomy and Its Limits in End-of-Life Law – Rebecca Dresser

D. Recourse for Injury

  • Medical Malpractice Liability: Of Modest Expansions and Tightening Standards – Barry R.

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